Entry-level Learning Kit for Artificial Intelligence

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As an entry-level learning suite for AI, Arduino Artificial Intelligence Suite features Arduino Mega 2560 control board, LED indicator, joystick, switch button, voice and visual recognition modules. Plentiful courses are provided to help children get started quickly to control the robot arm via programing and easily grasp the basic knowledge of AI, thus cultivating their innovative thinking and understanding of the open source creative culture!

Explore Machine Intelligence via
Human-machine Interaction

Abundant electronic modules include programmable control board, various sensors, voice and visual recognition. Control the lights and DOBOT Magician by button, joystick and voice to help children explore artificial intelligence in every aspect!

Experience the Fun of Electronic Production in PBL

Abundant attracting teaching demos and step-by-step curriculum help students learn interactive devices including sensor perception, controller operation, equipment feedback. Combine learning with playing to unlock unlimited fun of electronic production!

Smartly Play technology in
Open Source Electronic Platform

Supporting secondary development and controlled by Arduino, the platform is compatible with Mixly, Arduino-related peripheral sensors, etc., inspiring students with the charm of technology in the open source software and hardware platform!

Inspire Maker Mindset Through Creative Making

Creating a DOBOT remote controller via programming can turn children’s creative ideas into reality and help them learn circuit, programming at the same time!